Reviews & Comments

"We were all moved by the tranquil and soothing music. It was comfortingly familiar and yet very different from any of our other Christmas music."
-- Amy Roquemore, The Dallas Morning News

"His meticulous style is played to best effect on such melodic gems as Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring and O Come All Ye Faithful, where his deliberate and deliberative finger-style play is worked to best advantage for the listener and every note is enjoyed with suspenseful anticipation.
-- Richard Banks,

"We played your CD in the office this morning, and it was BEAUTIFUL!! I fell in love with it the moment I heard it!"
-- Tamara F.

"I wanted you to know how much your Christmas CD has meant to me and my family. When I have felt overwhelmed with the pressures of this busy season, I have played your CD over and over and the Lord has given me such peace and calmness. This is truly what beautiful music should do in our lives. Thank you so very much!"
-- Ann L.

"I read the article about you in The Dallas Morning News this morning and went to purchase your CD. It's terrific!!! Thanks for sharing your gift with the world. Your beautiful and soothing music is much needed this season!"
-- Mark S.

"If you're looking for some nice guitar-only versions of your favorite Christmas songs this is the album. It's wonderful guitar music in a classical/spanish-guitar genre that I love listening to at any time. I only wish the artist had more recordings of non-Christmas songs as well, either original or cover tunes. This album is just great meditative music that doesn't go overboard with any flamenco-style guitar work. Thanks Russell."
-- jschiefer from

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