Welcome to the Classical Guitar sounds of
Russell Shead

"Strings Of Christmas" captures the glory and intimacy of the season's most beloved songs through the beautiful, classical arrangements and heartfelt performance of guitarist, Russell Shead.

"Strings of Faith" offers a fresh, melodic look at classic Christian hymns through soft, expressive arrangements that promote a quiet sense of praise and adoration.

There are few instruments, when played solo, that compare to the warmth and beauty of the classical guitar. These instrumental collections draw on the unique, restful qualities of the guitar to provide a peaceful, intimate concert for the listener and create a pleasing atmosphere of joyful relaxation and meditation.

From the Artist...

Dear friend,

It is my sincere desire that this music will add a special joy and blessing to your life. These songs have played a large part in the foundation of my faith in Christ Jesus. He gave us the wonderful gift of music, and it is for Him that I play. My favorite time to play the guitar is late in the evening, when it is quiet and peaceful. My goal was to translate those relaxing, tranquil moments into music through the comforting voice of the classical guitar.

If this music inspires you to worship Him, then my deepest desire will become my greatest joy. May the love of Christ dwell in your heart and richly bless you always.

In His Love,


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